Journey started about 10 years ago when the design needs were changing new techniques were emerging and people wanted some different flavor out of there designs whether a logo, banner or a website.

We here at DuoFankaar has worked over years to provide perfection to our clients no matter the size of the company we always leap a step further to provide you just a bit more out of ordinary. Web/Mobile, UI/UX development and design over the years have been innovated and our team finds all the possibilities to embed your vision into reality.

Fasten your seatbelts because we are going to take you the journey of our learnings through the time.

We have learnt a lot from you and we are sure that there is more you can teach us.

We are here because you believe in us. And this is what we believe in


Each product or brand involves different thought process


A brand should immediately represent its purpose


Aesthetics play a major role


The brand design should leave a long-lasting imprint on the users


A brand or product is developed through the reach of users


Attention to detail should always be priority


Clean and Effective is the new trend


Diversity is what pull people close

With just very minimum input from our side they executed the website and our print designs very effectively that the first look on each design made us go wow! I have worked with them from the beginning and will continue to do so.

CEO Spec gulf

When we were looking for something colorful and which described our business and process in a glimpse, they came up with all the all solutions to our queries from logo to web to print everything was done by them. Highly recommend them for all design needs.

Khyber refinery

While wanting a website which had all the possible colors defined to each section and each section defined what is it for. The page-by-page concept had us go nuts and was designed and implemented immediately


I was very happy with the team as they provided me with outstanding applications, a website for my business and Product shoot for my apparel and sports equipment. They made everything look so easy and interesting that I couldn’t help but to be amazed

Asad Aftab

I have worked with many companies but only some can actually create something with passion. Design is surely their business and they take their business serious.

The Awakening